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First world problems [Jan. 3rd, 2014|12:01 pm]
You know when you put off doing something because you're worried about it or just can't be bothered and then you do it and laugh at how easy it actually was and think why the hell didn't you just do it? Yeah, why does that never happen to me? SIMPLE things too, like paying a supplier (can't find the invoice or statement) or getting up and dressed (socks, clean t shirt, coat and shoes all disappeared)... please tell me someone else has this problem! So very frustrating.

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(no subject) [Sep. 12th, 2013|03:55 am]
Seriously? I type a load of gobbledygook to see if the autosave even works, and NOW it asks if I want to restore my draft?

You save "blklgk;slksdlkada;lska;sldkas;dlkas;lk" but not a massive essay? GOOD WORK, LIFE, YOU PIECE OF SHIT!
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(no subject) [Sep. 12th, 2013|03:51 am]
You know when you can't get to sleep because you want to write, so you spend two hours writing and as you go to click "post", your computer restarts for updates and closes it and you lose everything? And now it's almost 4am and you have work tomorrow and absolutely nothing to show for why you stayed up late? Yeah, that. Thanks a fucking lot, Livejournal. So much for "draft autosaved".
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(no subject) [Apr. 2nd, 2013|02:14 pm]
I look back at some of the things I let become huge problems in my life, and think "that was nothing compared to what's happening now", and then I think, "maybe in the future, this will seem like nothing. What happened then made me stronger, but is this going to do the same, or will it be the thing to finally kill me? What if I get through this, only to find the next thing is even bigger?" I'm scared of the future, I feel like I've lost everything, or at least lost control of everything, just in the past couple of weeks... the shop, my car, my relationship, money, friendships. Don't know how much longer I can cope with this, let alone pull myself out of it. I have a lot of problems to face, and I'm scared of facing them alone.
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Just a quickie [Apr. 1st, 2013|07:12 pm]
I've just joined a panel which requires you to install a web add-on for a minimum of a month... which I know, software on your computer and all that, but it hasn't caused me any problems and you get £15 after keeping it installed for 30 days, brilliant! And then £5 every 3 months after that. I'll keep you posted as to whether I do get my money, but gfk are a reputable survey/incentives company, plus I think it's well worth it for that!

Just click here to sign up and download the program!
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Things that have gone wrong today [Jan. 30th, 2013|11:38 pm]
We've just taken two days off, which means we come back to disaster. (as well as disasters on the trip. I sometimes wonder why I take time off, actually!) Except this time, nothing went wrong on the trip. So today...

- paper towels were ALL out of stock. I don't ask my staff to do much, but keeping basic household things stocked up is one of them, and they didn't even have to go into the damn stock room to do this.
- the one thing I ask them NOT to do is pay someone (a supplier) who owes me money. HEY GUYS, GUESS WHAT THEY DID! But let's make sure we turn away customers who want toilet roll!
- after this, I had a trip to the dentist... where I was informed it would be best just to take half my teeth out.
- then I got a phone call from debt collectors because I forgot to pay our gas bill.
- we had three pallets of deliveries, with two coming first thing, and a plan to get through one of them before the second delivery arrived. By 1.30pm, it still hadn't arrived. Cue panic setting in.
- the second delivery arrived first, and a 20kg bag of bird seed had split. Ash brought it in without realising, so we spent the next 10 minutes sweeping the floor.
- the other delivery finally arrived at 3pm (!!) and naturally, one of five things that didn't come in was the only thing ordered specifically for someone (last time they didn't come in, she informed me that I'd ruined her dogs' lives) and was THE ONLY REASON I was stupid enough to book it in on the same day as the other delivery.
- we could have had the other delivery yesterday had we not dared be away. I could have avoided ALL of this. Or some of it.
- I had to run in front of a car to save a plastic box that blew up past the post office (about 50 metres up the road).
- I then got really light-headed to the point that I almost collapsed. Of course, The Chattiest Man In The World chose that moment to come in and I literally had to focus on one button on the till in order to not pass out.
- I finally got round to closing up, and our big bag of peanuts had ALSO split.
- tonight, I have 3 months of paperwork to get up-to-date, and complete my VAT return... and half a pallet of stuff is still spread around the shop.
- instead, I've been reading travel blogs.
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A review of SwagBucks [Sep. 17th, 2012|06:02 pm]
Anyone who knows me will know that I am always on the lookout for little money-making opportunities, from surveys to cashback websites. In the past few months, I've earned somewhere between £50-100 from survey websites (bearing in mind I really don't have much time to do them either) and a £20 voucher from a cashback website (bearing in mind I really don't have much disposable income to spend). Find out more about those here.

Someone introduced me to SwagBucks a while ago and I never really got into it, but after reading some good reviews about it I decided to give it more of a go. As a result, I thought I'd better review it - because I'm not too convinced by it.

SwagBucks is a rewards website where you can sign up and earn points (or "swagbucks") for various activities including clicking links, voting on polls, using their search engine and watching videos. Sounds pretty good, but let me look into it in more depth...

You can redeem your SBs for vouchers, PayPal payments and a whole host of goodies, but a £5 Amazon voucher will cost you 849SB. This works out that 1 penny = almost 2 SB (around 1.67 to be precise). Every day, you can do three quick things - if you install their toolbar (which is legit, no spyware or any of that crap), you will earn 1SB simply for opening your browser. Voting in the daily poll will earn you another 1SB. And looking at some adverts quickly (their NOSO - no obligation special offers), you can earn a couple. Now you see the problem... Although these will only take you a couple of minutes altogether, you will earn less than 5p.

Then we take a look at the videos. You will often get invitations to watch an advertisement video for an SB or two, but in the Swagbucks TV section, you can choose from a whole host of subjects, although mostly news and entertainment. Once you've watched 10 videos, and you don't even have to watch them the whole way through and they're normally under 1 or 2 minutes, you earn 3SB. About 2p. You're starting to see the problem...

Now, they boast that one of the best ways to earn big SwagBucks is by doing surveys. This is all very well, but you will often simply be linked to a survey on ToLuna or OpinionWorld or one of the other survey websites I already use (mentioned in the above article). You usually get 70SB per survey, which is around 40p... or you could sign up on ToLuna directly and earn more.

One of the real ways of earning a bit more is, strangely enough, by using their search engine - they will periodically award a whole bunch of SB when you search for something, and although it's a matter of luck, I've used it around 3 times a day and always got at least one lucky draw per day. Sometimes you'll only get 5 or 10, but sometimes you'll get much more, I think my best one has been 56SB.

Another good way is if you follow their Facebook and/or Twitter pages, they will give out codes to earn you a handful too, however these often only stay active for a couple of hours so you have to be quick on the uptake.

You can also, like most cashback websites and rewards sites, enter competitions or sign up for free trials or even purchase special offers/magazine subscriptions for a lot of SB, however it doesn't really beat the cashback websites I already use and so this is also not an incentive for me to stay.

The final way you can supposedly earn SB is by playing free games and you'll be awarded them now and then. I've never had any from this, so to me it's a waste of time. Play the games for the purpose of playing the games if you like, but don't expect much physical reward. I also almost forgot "Tasks" but to me, these are usually a waste of time as you get little reward for annoying projects. I think last time I did one, I got 4SB for about 10 minutes' work. Screw that. I don't even bother looking at them any more.

If you need something to fill the time, it's a decent way to earn a few pennies. However, that's its problem - it is a few pennies. If you're looking for a more substantial way to get a little extra income, stick to surveys and clicking on links from MutualPoints. SwagBucks might be a little more in the way of entertainment, but it's probably not worth it if you're in it for the rewards.
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(no subject) [Aug. 29th, 2012|11:51 pm]
The more I think about it, the more annoyed I get that I didn't stick up for myself earlier.

I nipped out the back in the shop to stock up some boxes, brought them back out... now I can't have been gone for longer than 20 seconds, and there was no one near the counter when I'd left, but I came back and there was a man standing there. As I approached, another woman was just going up to the counter and shouted 'ugh, does anyone actually GET any service in here?'. So there's me with my pile of boxes, I apologised and said I'd be back in a second. Clearly taking them outside to stock them up. Come back and hear the two customers talking, something about 'ugh yes, young people today are all the same, all they care about is their pay cheques and then they can bugger off home rah rah rah'. I chose to ignore them and politely served the man. I refuse to call him gentleman. He pays, then goes 'right, NOW you can go home.' I laughed and said, 'sadly I probably won't be going home until about 9 tonight.' 'Oh? Why's that then? Let me guess, your mummy won't let you back in until then?'

Now I think my brain went into shock, because I didn't say anything. I did a nervous laugh and said, 'pretty much' and let him get on with his smug, self-righteous cunting life. I now really, really wish I hadn't. I should have told him I owned the damn place, I should have told him not to be such an assumptious TWAT, and I should definitely have said 'so... I'm 23 and own a business, sorry, what have you done with your life?'. I should have at least said, 'actually, I haven't lived with my parents for six years.' I just... what is even WITH some people?!? How can anyone think it's appropriate to talk like that to someone? Do you really think you're that much better?

The ironic thing is, the whole reason it started is because I wasn't there to serve him within 10 seconds - because I was DOING WORK. Surely it would have been worse if I was sitting behind the counter doing fuck all?

Luckily the woman behind him ended up being as shocked as I was, and although I didn't tell her I'm the owner, she did say well done for doing all the hard work on my own, etc etc. I think she kind of wanted to make up for what he'd just said, but still. I've had a lot of people give me shit, but never, NEVER insulting me like that man. But the best thing is, I didn't even let him ruin my day.
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(no subject) [Jul. 9th, 2012|06:21 pm]
Things I've wanted/needed to do today:

- transfer money to a supplier, but my internet banking wouldn't work so I had to sort that out AS WELL
- pay another supplier, but I can't find my card
- fix my bike, but I can't find my bike pump
- play one of my electric guitars, but I can't find the leads
- buy a cork board, but they were out of stock
- have a cup of tea, but I'm out of biscuits
- do an order with a supplier, which I did, but I needed to check something at the shop (and pick up the biscuits while I'm there), so I go down there and get hounded by customers, and then trapped in the shop because my staff had decided to bring all the outside boxes in half an hour early and the shop was packed. Cue very bad mood.
- go to Lewes, but I ran out of time / couldn't find the vouchers I wanted to spend anyway
- have a day off. This blatantly didn't happen.

Things I did get done with no problems:

- posted a parcel (although I had the problem last night when packaging it up that I didn't have any sellotape)
- paid the water bill (although we struggled to get enough money together for it)
- activated my credit card
- paid some money into my account (to pay the suppliers)
- did another order with a supplier

Suffice to say, today has PISSED ME. THE FUCK. OFF.
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(no subject) [Jun. 15th, 2012|09:33 pm]
I adore this song & video together. It makes me want to be freeeeee. :) I can't wait to explore the world and discover great things and make the best memories.

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